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Fashion Store Manager


Excellent Service

My experience with Shara Kamal was excellent. My closing did not happen due to reasons beyond our control but she did her best to attempt to salvage the deal when challenges occurred. More importantly she stepped in and saved the day when the seller attempted to withhold our earnest money. I would have not known what to do without her guidance. I'm looking forward to working with her on my next transaction.



First Time Home Buyer

Ms Shara Kamal is one of the most professional, personable, dedicated to the satisfaction of her clients! I would highly recommend you check her out and do business with her. It was a total pleasure for her assistance with my legal matters.

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Local Business Partners

Shara is very good - prompt, knowledgeable, nice, and offers suggestions when needed. I've worked with her twice and both times, the process has been effortless.


Tonya P.

Home Buyer

I would highly recommend using Attorney Kamal for your real estate needs. Although my closing did not happen, she fought above and beyond to assist me with getting my earnest money back. And the seller, nor the attorney, were the easiest people to deal with...but she continued to show a high level of professionalism and aggression that I truly needed in my corner. She also is super responsive to emails. You can always expect a return email from her in about 24 hrs or less and that's huge when you have urgent questions or just need additional assistance during the closing process. I would highly recommend her for as your real estate attorney. Thank you Shara for having my back when I needed you most.

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